Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not Just Another Day

It’s been a long January for me. My new work set-up is more complicated than I thought. With field work required 80% of the time, I practically live inside airplanes, cars and hotels. My only wish was to go home on a weekend and sleep.

Today, after over sleeping, I woke up with tons of SMS messages in my cell phone. That’s when I remembered that it’s not another day for me. I am one year older.

I always have mixed feelings days before my birthday - happy but sad. Just the thought that another year has passed is more than a blessing to me. But just the mere thought that I am a year older is also like a penalty, which brought me splurging on another LV bag!

Looking back I can see that I did not live my life to the fullest: so many wasted days of worrying and wallowing in self pity; so many hours squandered in procrastination and laziness; so many opportunities lost for not using my talent to the fullest. I could have painted more, I could have read more, I could have laughed more.

Yet, despite the negative things I saw, blessings outweigh my frustrations. Last year I learned valuable lessons from my ordeal with difficult people. I came to know who my real friends are and I am truly glad they are many. Despite the stress and pressure, I was blessed with good health, a supportive top management and a loving family. It wasn’t that bad after all.

Looking closer at this present time, I could see that I am loved and blessed. My son gave me a graceful and lucky fish called Arowana. My cat gave me a funny pose while sleeping. My mama cooked me a very delicious noodle dish and my best friend, together with her family, dropped by this morning just to greet me personally.

Three days ago, I saw the most amazing dusk while sitting inside the car. In haste I took pictures, one inside the car behind the heavy tint, and one outside, with the roof of the car reflecting it like a river. Yesterday, while taking my flight home, the clouds were so beautiful I can’t help but take a picture. I got the message. God was reminding me that even in the most ordinary days, blessings and beauty abound. I just have to open my heart to see it. I should always count my blessings.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Beginning

I always love new beginnings for they offer fresh starts and anticipation of the new things to come. New Year is one of them.

I woke up feeling vibrant and recharged. I went around my garden. The air was sweet and filled with the songs of birds feasting on nature's bounty. The vibrant colors of the flowers reflected my feelings within ... gratitude, joy and abundance. What a wonderful feeling, indeed!