Friday, September 26, 2008


I committed a big mistake last week. I was so mindless of how the other person would feel with what I blabbered. I could not undo what I did. If wishes would come true, I will surely wish that I live the same day again, just like what happened in the movie Ground Hog Day. I wish I could undo what I did. I wish I was only dreaming.

But I am not.... This is for real. I really committed that mistake. My mouth was faster than my brain.

It is consoling to think that mistakes are lessons learned the hard way and lessons that will really be remembered. No matter how painful it would be, I am sure that I leaned from it. I will be more mindful next time.

These hard lessons I learn in life are teaching me not only to be more careful with what I say. Now I am more tolerant to people who commit mistakes. I realized that if we are unforgiving to people who have done wrong, this world will never move forward. It is only in forgiving others that get the chance to move on and apply the lessons they have learned.

I just wish that those people who were affected by my mistakes will be as forgiving as I am now.

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SUBHADIP said... y7ou know people who can realise their mistakes are special and thus you are such a different soul..loved your simple emotions in writing..
I posted some ne blogs..if you can please visit and share your comments..