Saturday, March 7, 2009


Life is about endless journey, from one road to another, from one bridge to the next, from a tunnel to the light.

"Go towards the light." That's what is said to someone who is about to leave the earthly world, in the hope of guiding them and assuring that the passage to the next realm is smooth and peaceful.

"A light at the end of the tunnel..." that's what most people hope when they go through the darkest abyss of human experience. Hopeful that it is not the light of an incoming train.

For me, tunnels are routes to take to go through a seemingly insurmountable mountain obstacle in life's journey. Dark, dank and daunting... but always exhilarating experience once you made it through.


Lesley said...

You've really got me thinking now about how we apply life experiences to feats of engineering! Bridges and tunnels.... I'd never thought of life like that before even though I've heard all the well-used phrases.... 'light at the end of the tunnel', 'another bridge to cross', etc. And I like how you point out that there is always a way beyond the obstacle, via a tunnel.

Carol said...

That's a great photograph, I love it :-)

I feel like I am walking a tunnel right now searchingsoul... but the light is getting bigger and brighter.

A lovely post :-)

Confused blogger said...

sometimes... u dont want to walk towards the end of the tunnel... the light may blind you and you are so used to the dark

SearchingSoul said...

Lesley: Thanks for your thoughts. The world is full of symbols and messages to help us go through life.

Carol: Thanks for your generous words. Yes, I know you're almost coming out from another life's tunnels. Good luck

Confused blogger: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for leaving a thought-provoking comment.

SarahA said...

And there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. ALWAYS!

Annie Wicking said...

So true, so true. I hope I shall always follow the light because I never want to miss out on what life has to offer.

Best wishes, my dear friend.

Ps. good idea about missing incoming trains. lol

SearchingSoul said...

SarahA and Annie:

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Very interesting!