Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday Blog

It's raining strong and hard on this lazy Sunday. I am lazy during Sundays. It's a time to pamper myself with indolence because tomorrow will be another week of deadlines, meetings and travels. I always love lazing around and I really love the rain. What a great treat to have both today.

As I looked outside my window, I asked myself why I always love the rain. Maybe because I always associate my happy childhood with the rain. Oh how I love to bathe and play in the rain with my friends. When I grew older, the rain was the best reason to stay at home and be lost in a good book or be transported to another world in a good movie or be in touched with myself as I update my journal.

As I looked outside my window, I asked myself where is this blog leading? What do I really want to write? Do I have the time or talent to keep this going? Will this be just a venue for me to vent my unexpressed emotions or a venue to share hope and happiness?

Last night I browsed through my personal journal. I can hardly believe that I was the one who wrote it. I cannot believe why I can write with sense yet just managed to produce "a second rate, trying hard, copy cat" blog. Maybe because I pour my heart out in my journal while I sift my words in my blog.

The rain has made me rethink about blogging. Maybe when it stops, I will know the answer. Meantime, I will have to indulge in a hearty meal at my favorite Thai restaurant.


Lesley said...

Hi Ss. :) It's raining here in our little part of England today as well. I love the rain too and used to live in one of the highest rainfall areas in the U.K. for a while. That was in the Scottish Highlands and it rained almost every day!

Speaking of personal journals and diaries..... I think we feel able to write what we like because we keep them secret (or try to!) but with an online blog, we're always aware that it's there for anyone to read.

I would love to be able to write a personal blog and outpour whatever I'm thinking and feeling, but I'm too cautious of letting people know what I'm really like! Yet, some of the blogs I follow are written by people who do just that and they're great to read.

Enjoy your rainy Sunday! :)

SearchingSoul said...

Hi Lesley,

Thanks for your thoughts. You are right. Some of the blogs I follow say a lot about what they really feel, and it is truly interesting.

Granny Annie said...

Happy to meet you and have you as a follower. I am also enjoying your blog.

Kirigalpoththa said...

You have a great blog here. Love your photos and i'll be visiting here more often!

SearchingSoul said...

Thanks, Grannie Annie. Happy to meet you too.

SearchingSoul said...

Hi Kirigalpoththa,

Nice to see you here. Thanks for the compliments.

epasen said...

Oh you can not stop now when I've just found you. :) Let's love the rain together.

Ron said...

SS, I love the picture that you've posted! Great capture, and it fits very well with your post.

As for blogging, I hope you never stop writing. Whether they're cautiously picked words or words that are straight from the depths of your soul--it doesn't matter, because in the end, you're sharing an insight, a thought, or opening a reader to something they'd never thought of before reading your blog. And that, SS, is something every reader can value...I sure do!

I never looked at Sunday's as lazy Sundays until I read this...and after reading it, I actually stopped working and spent some time with those I love.

Thank you!

betchai said...

i love rain too, and like you, i associate rain with my happy childhood. whenever it rained, it called for celebration, would go out and bathe in the rain, ran in the field and played with the puddles, and once, my father did not know what to do with us because we jumped into our small fish pond during a heavey rain sending live bangus and tilapia to our neighbors. even up to now, rain for me means going out, i no longer bathe in the rain, but i sure do enjoy the sound of the rain drops on my rain coat.

thanks for sharing your thoughts, i hope you continue to be inspired sharing your on line journal with us, i am glad you left a comment in my site and am able to learn about your blog.

thanks for the visit.

Deboshree said...

Oh dear!
You can't think of going anywhere!
Blogging is about both, venting out yuor frustrations and sharing happiness.
We are not here as we are excellent writers, we are here coz we have something to share, something which can be conveyed in the simplest of words, something which binds all of us together and makes us think...oh..we are not alone..there is somebody in some corner of the world who understands me and appreciates what I feel.
So don't think that way. Just write from your heart and everything will be perfect.Believe me.


Anonymous said...

After two years of blogging I still ask myself why I continue to blog and I'm not sure, most days, if I have a solid answer.

Anyway, I love coming to catch up with your blog and I love reading your thoughts and I've never, ever considered your wonderful blog 2nd rate!

SearchingSoul said...

Dear Friends,

Aside from listening to the rain, having you all as my blog friends gave worthwhile meaning to blogging.

Emmi: I would never find you had I chose not to blog. You inspired me with your story. You are right. Now that I found you, why should I stop?

Ron: Your profound posts never cease to touch me from the very start. I am so moved with your comment and I treasure it so much. Coming from you, it means a lot.

Betchai: Thanks for dropping by and sharing the same feelings about the rain. I am looking forward to reading your posts.

Deboshree: You are truly right that blogging is not about having the talent but just speaking from the heart.

Carol: Thanks for the compliment. I always had you in mind when I was thinking of stopping. I guess, I admire you so much that's why I follow your footsteps. LOL!

Thank you, all, for touching my heart in many ways.