Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Friend's Garden

Spring Garden

Wrapped in dresses of petals
Swaying with the soft spring breeze
The gloom of winter is gone.

Dancing with the melody
Like pretty ballerinas
The blooms are swirling with grace

Greeting me with warm embrace
Gentle scents of joy and peace
It's my festival of bliss.

Inspired by the pictures my friend sent me, I wrote this poem. Thank you, friend, for sharing your beautiful spring blooms to us.


Anonymous said...

winter, spring, summer or fall...youve got a friend...

scarlethue said...

Gorgeous flowers, and the poem too :)

Deboshree said...

Oh dear!! Lovely!!

Much love,

chemist said...

Great pictures! And I thought the ones I took at Houston's recent Azalea Trail event in March were great. Hope all is well. Any new trips planned??

Traveling Chemist

EjG said...

Great photos! And enjoyed the poem...very nice.

chemist said...

Searching Soul:

Hey, it's been too long since your last posting! How about another to cheer us all up! So how are things??

Traveling Chemist

SearchingSoul said...

Anonymous: thanks my friend

Scarlethue: Thanks for the compliment.

Deboshree: Love you, my friend!

Chemist: Thanks. I am more enamored by your pictures. I hope to travel again in the near future.

EJG: Thanks for enjoying the poem.