Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Mother's Retrospection

It was exactly 20 years ago today when my baby came into this world with his most angelic face soothing my very soul.

As I held him for the first time in my arms, the feeling was incredible … indescribable … irresistible.

He was tiny and frail but when I hugged him close to my heart I felt so strong and invincible. He was completely dependent on me but I felt that my very existence just depended on him. As I watched him sleep, all my troubles melted away and were replaced with palpable peace I never imagined existed.

My years were spent with careless abandon but when he came into my life, I was consumed with an overprotective feeling and I need to shield him from all harms both real and imagined. Yet, as I look into his eyes, a strong sense of security melted all those fears away. An inner voice told me “everything will be okay.”

It seems just like yesterday. The images are vividly imprinted in my mind and all the wonderful feelings are eternally embedded in my heart.


Anonymous said...

A slightly belated Happy Birthday to your beloved boy!

The fact that the role of Mother came to me like putting on a glove tells me that I was more than ready to become Dylan's Mother. And I can hear that in your post too :-)

chemist said...

Searching Soul;

Interesting blog! We have similar experiences! I can empathize with you over that 13-hour flight!! Ugh! That's the part of international travel that I hate. I am "cursed" by the fact that I cannot sleep on a plane so when I arrive to wherever, I am usually a basket case: tired and exhausted. But once the jet lag wears off, then I can start to enjoy the new experiences, cultures, people, etc. And of course take pictures!! No reason I can't have a wee bit of fun while I work! Right?

Thanks for stopping by my blog, "Traveling Chemist". I expect my next trip will carry me once again to the Middle East. Naturally I will be posting pictures along the way! Until then ... best of luck in your new blog.

Traveling Chemist

Small Footprints said...

This post is a lovely "gift" to your son! Congratulations ... to both of you!

Small Footprints

John said...

Hi searchingsoul,

A warm welcome to my country Malaysia. You have included all the right ingredients for a great time in Malaysia! Food, shopping and great scenery are exactly what makes Malaysia a travel haven :)

By the way, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Will visit your blog soon. Have a great week!


PS# Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about Malaysia.

PPS# There ARE some crucial information they conveniently left out of the travel guides! (As I had aghastedly discovered when traveling on my own)

SUBHADIP said...

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Larissa said...

Thank you for your very encouraging and supportive comment. Like you I do believe strongly that time does heal all wounds. I find that writing about my feelings- no matter how sad and pathetic I sound is good for me- Even if no one is reading it, I do it more so for myself. :) Thanks again! Beautiful post about your son! *Hugs*

Inge' said...

This was a lovely touching post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Dots said...

Time flies... nice post.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am now blogging at

I would love to see you there :-)

Mid-lifer said...

Aaaaaaah! I think I thought - thank God she's alive and....OMG I'm a mum. HELP

Small Footprints said...

Hi! Just wanted to say that I hope you're still blogging ... I've missed your posts!

Take Care!

Small Footprints