Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Low Tide

I want to write about so many things - my innermost feelings, my aspirations and my regrets ... but every time I start doing one, letters just jammed in my mind and all that I could type are bare words that do not give justice to emotions I want to spell.

I want to paint the beauty of what I see - the mountains, the sea, the sunset ... but every time I start creating one, the images just stick in my mind and all I can paint is an empty canvas that is a poor imitation of the real beauty I wish to depict.

I want to take pictures of what I see - from mundane everyday lives to profound postcard quality landscapes ... but every time I start clicking my camera, I can't seem to capture the real beauty of what my bare eyes could see.

I'm losing my creativity. There's a certain element in me that is missing and not knowing what it is makes it even worse.

I guess I just have to let this be. I believe that to live through life, I have to undergo the different seasons. To survive each day, I need to have the serene acceptance of time and tide. Sometimes, a low tide can really be as low as it gets, exposing the very core of one's life and seeing that there is nothing much in there hidden beneath the waves.

If this is low tide, then let it be.


Dan Denardo said...

Losing your creativity? You could have fooled me! I really enjoyed reading your blog. And you've done a great job with the photos. I especially like the "Rainy Day" photo -- VERY creative. All the best to you. - D2

sanjit said...

Hi! You have a nice collections of photos here and very inspirational words.. nice blog you've got here! i like it! Thanks for visiting my blog.. :) Happy New Year!

Ron said...

In tandem, your words and images are very powerful! Please, keep writing and thank you for sharing your world.

Hilary said...

It seems to me that you express yourself quite beautifully - through words and photos.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Much appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

Is the middle picture a painting, if so, is it one that you painted?

It's very beautiful.

Understand that block on the creativity. Something which I love to listen to when I'm feeling that way is Clarissa Pinkola Estes 'The Creative Fire' it's an audio work and can be found on Amazon :-)

But at the same time, I also agree with the PP, you definitely have the creative spirit :-)

SearchingSoul said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for your compliments. Yes, the middle picture is my latest painting in soft pastel.

Searching Soul

Femin Susan said...

your photo collection is great.How I wish i had one.I agree with Dan because what you wrote is excellent.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for visiting - call again. Loved your photographs - agree about high and low tides - we have to weather them all.

Jennifer Jilks said...

You said, "but every time I start clicking my camera, I can't seem to capture the real beauty of what my bare eyes could see."

I agree so much. One day I saw a fox running across the near ice on the shore. Rather than running for my camera (my first instinct!) I simply stood and watched him. I realized that he comes by every day and I would miss out on the moment. Instead, I used last year's photo and wrote about the day.

Reya Mellicker said...

Your writing is beautiful and so are the images. Maybe in your mind's eye you're staring at a blank canvas, or blocked, or whatever, but from my point of view, you are sharing your heart with us. Thank you so much!

Happiest new year.

floreta said...

sometimes words are not enough... sigh.

The Thoughtful Philosopher said...

"....every time I start clicking my camera, I can't seem to capture the real beauty of what my bare eyes could see...."

Err........buy a better camera?

I am so sorry. Couldn't let go of the chance to have a good laugh.

But seriously though. Wonderful blog, and beautiful painting.