Friday, December 12, 2008

Water Under The Bridge

It was a long year for me. Without any hint, it started like a fresh morning. Then suddenly the storm came. It lasted like ages like it's not going to end.

A day was like a decade.
A week was like a century.
A month was like forever.

I never knew what hit me. Everything was in chaos no matter how I tried to fix it. The more I struggled, the deeper I was sinking in the mud. I kept asking myself "What have I done to deserve this?" Yet, no matter how I kept repeating the question, I never got the answer.

Everyday was like a struggle. I had to drag myself to work and tried to pull the days till it would be Saturday. No amount of encouragement from friends could ease the pain inflicted by people who wanted me to fail.

It was the worst year of my life but it brought out the best in me. I came face to face with the ugly truth that some people have so much hatred and bad intentions in their heart. But on the other hand, I also saw the real gem on others for their understanding and encouragement. Through all the trials, I discovered that I had so much patience and strength than I never thought I had. It was a humbling experience but the wisdom I gained has made me larger than myself.

The year is about to end and with it came the stillness of dusk. At long last, the storm was gone. The people who caused me misery are no longer in my team. They are now like the murky water after the storm, flowing under the bridge...


Small Footprints said...

I'm so glad that "the storm is gone". And how wonderful that you have taken a rough experience and used it to strengthen yourself.

May 2009 bring you happiness, joy and wonderful surprises!

Small Footprints

Mean Mom said...

You've done well to get through, from the sound of it. It is a shock, isn't it, to discover how malignant some people are, under their sometimes friendly exterior. It takes your breath away, on occasions. Jealousy can often be at the root of it all. It's a powerful and, on occasions, an evil emotion, when it's deeply rooted.

No doubt you are, now, a stronger and wiser person!

chemist said...

Searching Soul:

Congratulations on surviving those grief-causing persons. As the saying goes: "Don't let the bast**** get you down!" May your new year be a better one than this!

Traveling Chemist

Annie Wicking said...

Have faith in yourself and know that the path you are traveling on can only lead you to bright days ahead.

Best wishes my dear friend and a Happy Christmas to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear what a tough year you've had. It's very difficult to realise that there are some people that appear to enjoy causing us pain, it causes a lot of confusion and frustration as to what motivates people to do that.

You have survived!!

Wishing you all of the best for 2009 and have a great Christmas :-)

Ron said...

"Life's a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy for those who think."

Think GOOD thoughts!!!!

You write very beautifully, and I ejoy reading your posts. But hey, next time you go to Cambodia, you must spend more than two days there :)

All the best in the new year!