Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Daily Dozen

In this life and time, I have observed that materialism seems to overpower spirituality, greed is consuming love, apathy is perennial and empathy is scarce. Wherever I turn my eyes, I see this.

I asked myself, do I have to be a part of it or do I strive to make a difference? The choice is easy. I want to be a ray of light in this world.

To create a thousand lists on how I can make a difference is not difficult. How to do it all is the real challenge. So, I trimmed down my list to an achievable dozen things I can do to make my world a better place, in my own little way.

My Daily Dozen:

  1. Call my mother and let her know I love her.
  2. Let my son know I love him.
  3. Smile to at least 1 stranger.
  4. Say "Please" when I ask for something.
  5. Say "Thank You" to every favor received, no matter how small it is.
  6. Start and end my day with a prayer of gratitude.
  7. Count my blessings.
  8. Do a good deed to one person.
  9. Give a heartfelt compliment to one person.
  10. Send one inspiring SMS message to one friend.
  11. Offer a prayer of blessings to one person.
  12. Save at least a dollar for charity.
These are the small things I vow to do everyday.


Anonymous said...

Your daily dozen is wonderful. I was actually reading an articule in an edition of Yoga Journal about practicing gratitude. It's so very important for us to remember how blessed we are, in however small a way.

chemist said...

Searching Soul:

All I can add to this excellent list is a simple "AMEN"!!

Traveling Chemist

Lesley said...

I love this post! I'm going to follow your example by compiling my own 'daily dozen'. You're absolutely right, we have so much to be grateful for and expressing gratitude can only have a good effect on ourselves and the universe as a whole.

At the moment, my hubby is under threat of being made redundant as he works in the motorcar industry, and we wont know the outcome until the end of January. But, we were talking about it just this morning and when we considered that there are innocent people being bombed on in other parts of the world right now, we know that our situation is a very minor problem indeed.

Thank you for a really good post; it's kickstarted me into action. :)